Dr. Saitoh(left) and Dr. Shi


Three IIIS PIs Selected for “TRiSTAR Program”

 Drs. Tsuyoshi Saitoh, Associate Professor, and Shoi Shi, Assistant Professor of WPI-IIIS were selected as “TRiSTAR Fellows” while Dr. Sakiko Honjoh, Assistant Professor, as “TRiSTAR Pre-Fellows” for the third phase of the researcher training program “TRiSTAR”, which the University of Tsukuba serves as the representative institution. 
 Dr. Saitoh‘s research theme is ”Development of novel drug discovery methods utilizing electron transfer chemistry”, while Dr. Shi works on “Using Data Science to Understand Sleep and Its Role in Developmental Disorders”. Both of them will get various supports including research expenses, utilization of diverse participating organizations in the coming 5 years and so on.
 A total of 24 fellows (11 fellows and 13 pre-fellows) were selected for the third phase. Researchers in IIIS have been selected every phase since the program began in 2022.

Fellow of Dr. Saito


Fellow of Dr. Shi