To Those Who Have Concerns About Sleep

Thank you very much for visiting our website while searching for information on sleep.
IIIS is a research institute that conducts research on sleep from the standpoint of basic medicine and biology and does not diagnose or treat sleep disorders. Those who wish to seek counseling for sleep problems are advised to visit the nearest medical institution with a resident specialist.

How to Request an Interview with Our Researchers

If you would like to interview our researchers, please follow the steps explained below. Please note that the process may take up to two weeks after you have contacted us.

1.First, please contact the IIIS Alliance and Communication Team by telephone or e-mail.  If you prepare a written proposal in advance, your request will be processed smoothly.
2.We will consider whether we can accept the request and contact you (usually within 7 business days).
3.If we accept the request, we will discuss the timing of the interview by telephone or e-mail.
4.We may require you to submit a “Kengyo Irai Sho (Request Form for External Work)” designated by our university.
Please send us the request form with the representative’s seal first by e-mail. After we check the content, we will ask you to submit the original copy by post. Since it may take up to two weeks for approval, we ask that you make the request well ahead of time.

Kengyo Irai Sho (Request Form for External Work) (University of Tsukuba)

Example for filling in the Kengyo Irai Sho (115 KB)


※If you wish to use photos posted on this website for various media, please contact the IIIS Alliance and Communication Team by phone or e-mail.

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