Dr. Hiroshi Nagase awarded the Invention Prize

Dr. Hiroshi Nagase, IIIS principal investigator, was awarded with the National Commendation for Invention – the Invention Prize – by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation. HIH Prince Masahito and HIH Princess Hanako of Hitachinomiya attended the award ceremony of the 2013 National Invention Awards at the Hotel Okura Tokyo on June 18, 2013. This prestigious award is given not only for achievements in medicine, but for industry-wide innovations across Japan.

This award was presented to Dr. Nagase and his research team for the discovery and development of opioid k receptor agonist nalfurafine hydrochloride (patent no. 2525552).

Discovery and development of opioid k receptor agonist nalfurafine hydrochloride (patent no. 2525552): Research team led by Dr. Nagase pictured above (from left to right, Kuniaki Kawamura, Koji Kawai, Hiroshi Nagase, Takashi Endo, Jun Hayakawa.

Hiroshi Nagase Professor and Principal Investigator, International Institute forIntegrative Sleep Medicine (WPI-IIIS),
Former Director, Pharmaceutical ResearchLaboratories, Toray Industries Inc.
Kuniaki Kawamura Director, Pharmaceutical Technology Department, Toray Industries Inc.
Koji Kawai Manager, Drug Discovery Lab, Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories,Toray Industries, Inc.
Jun Hayakawa Director, Pharmaceutical Planning Department, Toray Industries,Inc.
Takashi Endo Business Director, Eurofins Panlabs Inc.
Former Manager, Pharmacology Research Office, Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories, Toray Industries, Inc.