Information on TV Broadcast “HUMANIENCE” (NHK)

 We are pleased to inform you that Dr. Takeshi Sakurai, vice Director of WPI-IIIS, will appear on NHK BS4K and BS Premium’s educational program “HUMANIENCE”.
 The program, which solves the mysteries of human beings from the perspective of science, will broadcast a special feature on “body temperature”.
 Dr. Sakurai’s team has been working on “hibernation” in which the body temperature is lowered to the utmost limit and succeeded in putting non-hibernating mice into a near-hibernation state in 2020.
 Dr. Sakurai will explain whether “Inducing hibernation in humans” will come true, and what does hibernation mean for the future of humanity according to the latest research.
 The details follow below. Don’t miss it! (To watch BS 4K and BS Premium, you will need a compatible TV and tuner.)

Program NHK BS4K & BS Premium “HUMANIENCE” (Japanese only)
Schedule NHK BS4K:November 6th (Mon.) 22:00~23:00
NHK BS Premium:November 7th (Tus.) 22:00~23:00
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