Information on TV Broadcast “Sunday Japon”(TBS TV)

 We are pleased to inform you that Dr. Masashi Yanagisawa will be live in the variety program “Sunday Japon” from 9:45am on Sunday, August 20.
 In addition to a VTR interview on the latest state of sleep research, Dr. Yanagisawa will appear live in the studio to answer questions about sleep directly from the comperes and studio guests.
 What kind of questions will come up by “Bakusho-Mondai”(MC) and guests?
 The details follow below. Don’t miss it!
*Please note that Masashi may appear only in the VTR depending on his schedule.

Program BS11 “Sunday Japon”
Schedule August 20th (Sun.)  9:54 ~ 11:30(Nationwide)
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  • Information on TV Broadcast “Sunday Japon”(TBS TV)