Information on TV Broadcast “Science ZERO”(NHK Educational TV)

    We are pleased to inform you that Dr. Yu Hayashi, Visiting Professor of the International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine (WPI-IIIS), will appear on “Science ZERO” a science program of NHK Educational TV.
    Why do animals need to sleep? In the feature of “Animals’ sleep”, Dr. Hayashi will explain the meaning of sleep for animals including human based on the latest research result ” Worm genetics reveal important pathways for sleep regulation”. Don’t miss it!

Program NHK Educational TV “Science ZERO”
Schedule September 3 (Sun.) 23:30∼24:00 *Rebroadcast: September 9 (Sat.) 11:10∼11:40
Internet Broadcasting Simultaneous distribution on NHK Plus & Missed distribution (1 week) *Domestic only
*NOD Unlimited distribution (until the day before one year after the main broadcast. May be extended)
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