A Researcher from WPI-IIIS Selected for the “TRiSTA Program”

Dr. Insung Park, a researcher at the International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine (WPI-IIIS), has selected as a “TRiSTAR Fellow” for the second phase (2nd half of FY2022) of the researcher training program “TRiSTAR”, which the University of Tsukuba serves as the representative institution. 

The program aims to find new possibilities by breaking down the barriers between fields and industries through the cooperation of three entities – universities, national research institutes, and companies – taking advantage of the strengths of the Tsukuba Science City. 

Dr. Park has been working on the relationship between sleep and energy metabolism for many years and has a high reputation for his collaborative research with companies on topics such as “the effect of bedding on sleep”, and “the effect of supplements on energy metabolism and sleep”. 

In addition to Dr. Park, six other people from universities such as Ochanomizu University and Ibaraki University were selected and will receive support for five years, including utilization of diverse participating organizations, research expenses up to 1 or 2 million yen, and creation of research introduction videos. 

Dr. Takashi Abe, an associate professor at IIIS, and Dr. Tomoyuki Fujisawa, an assistant professor at IIIS, have previously been selected as “TRiSTAR Fellow.” 

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Fellow’s Video