Information on TV Broadcast “Science ZERO”(NHK Educational TV)

    We are pleased to inform you that Dr. Takeshi Sakurai, Deputy Director of the International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine (WPI-IIIS), will appear on “Science ZERO” a science program of NHK Educational TV.
    Sleep and hibernation are both “sleep,” but their contents seem to be quite different. Hibernation is a much lower burden on the body than sleep, and if it could be applied to humans, it is expected to lead to “aggressive time-building” in emergency medicine and more efficient space exploration. In 2020, Dr. Sakurai’s research team succeeded in putting non-hibernating mice into a near-hibernation state.
    In this program, Dr. Sakurai explains when “Inducing hibernation in humans” will become a reality and how to solve the mystery of hibernation. Don’t miss it!

Program NHK Educational TV “Science ZERO”
Schedule TV Broadcast: January 15 (Sun.) 23:30∼24:00
*Rebroadcast: January 21(Sat.) 11:10∼11:40
Internet Broadcasting Simultaneous distribution on NHK Plus & Missed distribution (1 week) *Domestic only
*NOD Unlimited distribution (until the day before one year after the main broadcast. May be extended)
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