Information on TV Broadcast “Wakeup”(Nippon TV)

We are pleased to inform you that Dr. Masashi Yanagisawa, Director of WPI-IIIS, will be in the news program “Wakeup” (Production: YOMIURI TELECASTING). In a special program on the theme of “Sleep,” he will talk about how sleep is important and what we have found out through sleep research. The program will also focus on “a wearable device that can measure brain waves at home” that he developed and introduce S’UIMIN Inc., a startup company out of the University of Tsukuba, which provides the service.
The details follow below. Don’t miss it!

Program Nippon TV “Wakeup”
Schedule September 3nd (Sat.) 8:00~9:25(Nationwide)
Special program will be on air from around 9:00
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