IIIS Principal Investigators take the stage during Tsukuba Global Science Week (TGSW)

The 4th Annual Tsukuba Global Science Week – Exploring Human Sciences – was held this year from October 2-4 alongside the University of Tsukuba’s 40th + 101st Anniversary celebration. Focusing on leadership of higher education and interdisciplinary research in Japan, the University of Tsukuba enlarged the scope of this year’s Science Week to encompass diverse fields, including chemistry, life sciences, human and systems biology, neuroscience, food security, public health and nursing, art and ecology, policy and planning, anthropology, education, and medicine and medical sciences. TGSW included the 4th Leading Graduate Schools International Conference, 2nd Human Biology Program Symposium, 8th Tsukuba Medical Science Research Meeting and workshops in the sciences and arts.

At the International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine (IIIS), we were pleased to introduce the research and ideas of two prominent researchers in their respective fields. Professor Hiroshi Nagase, engaged in the design and synthesis of orexin receptor agonists in addition to opioid research, was selected as an invited speaker for the 2nd Human Biology Program Symposium, delivering his lecture “Synthesis of Novel Triplets with 1,3,5-Trixazatriquinane Skeleton Using Nitrogen Clamp” on October 2. Professor Nagase sparked in the interest of many with knowledgeable and at times humorous map of drug design. The theme for the symposium was “Integration of Chemistry and Life Science: Leading Edge of Chemical Biology”.

Serving as chair for the Life Science Workshop in Systems Biology, Associate Professor Michael Lazarus, who focuses on the role of adenosine in sleep-wake regulation, also gave a lecture titled “Why coffee wakes us up? – The role of adenosine A2A receptors in sleep-wake regulation” on October 4. His talk explored the complex dynamic that coffee actually plays when regulating wakefulness, prompting many questions from the audience. The lecture took place during the 4th Leading Graduate Schools International Conference.

We would like to thank everyone who joined TGSW, which presented a unique opportunity for students and academics from many disciplines and countries to gather together and exchange their research and views during a time of celebration and excitement for our university on this anniversary occasion.

Appearing clockwise from top left: Dr. Hiroshi Nagase, International Congress Center Epochal Tsukuba reception entrance hall, Dr. Michael Lazarus, audience in lecture hall


  • IIIS Principal Investigators take the stage during Tsukuba Global Science Week (TGSW)